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Struggling in school?

Laurel Tessitore teaches K-12 students in Pinellas County to read, write and spell by offering a comprehensive language arts program using the Spalding Method. This unique 3in1 approach includes reading practice for fluency, handwriting instruction, spelling dictation all in one course!


Learning disabilities?  The multisensory approach is highly successful for children with learning differences. 

Gifted?  Spalding vocabulary extends to grade 13.

English as a Second Language?  Besides reading writing and spelling, the students learn to pronounce English words properly.

Adults?  Need to fill in learning gaps from childhood? Why not give another approach to learning a try.


This multisensory course works for all students! 

Experience improvement, confidence and success in reading, handwriting and spelling.


For more information on Spalding and Multisensory language programs check out the Web Resources or Contact Laurel

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