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- How often does the Student come for tutoring?

Each student comes for tutoring a minumum of 2 times a week?


- How long is each tutoring session?

45 minutes - K

60 minutes - 2nd - Adult

- Do you offer other courses?

I also offer

  • A complete reading comprehension program

  • A complete writing course


- How long does the student need to take classes?

A minimum of 1 year is suggested to lay a proper foundation.


- Is there homework?

  • Practice the phonograms 5 to 10 min a day until they are mastered.

  • Practice the newest spelling words for spelling and reading daily (see sample lessons)


- Do you do any assessments?

Yes at the initial lesson and at the end of every school year I assess each student.


- What are your qualifications and background?

I received a Dietetics Degree in 1975.  I discovered the Spalding method when I home-schooled my children in 1988-1990.  I saw the value in phonics based language arts and I was impressed with how it worked for each of my children s different needs.


In 2007 I attended Spalding Education International in Phoenix, Arizona to take the training to become a Spalding Authorized Tutor. In 2009 I completed my certification.


I went back to using Spalding when I home-schooled my granddaughter.  She improved more every year. I then practiced the Spalding method on Spanish speaking students and local home-schooling groups.  I was able to adapt the program to any level of learner.

In 2010 I went back to Spalding for Level 2 training for Spalding tutors. I started my tutoring business in 2011.


Spalding appeals to all learners because it uses all 4 channels to the brain:  sight,  hearing,  speech and handwriting. (thus the term multisensory applies to this program)


I have found this program to be most successful with every student who needs to use a multisensory approach to make a connection with language arts. (multisensory: seeing, hearing, saying  and writing the sounds of words).  These sounds are used to help the student decode and spell words in a systematic sequential way for reading, handwriting and spelling.


- What is Spalding?

Check out and explore their website where you learn all about it.


Spalding is Accredited by IDA (International Dyslexia Association) and the 

IMSLEC (International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council)

For more information Contact us.

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