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What clients are saying...

"I have used Mrs. Laurel for two years now, and never thought my boys needed any help with reading or writing. With Mrs. Laurel and Spalding, I have seen a huge improvement in both of my boys. I am grateful to have met Mrs. Laurel. "
-Melissa S., Largo, FL

"Laurel is amazing... In second grade my daughter was reading half a year below grade level even with a tutor from school. She had a really hard time with reading. Then she was diagnosed with Dyslexia and the Speech Pathologist suggested using a Multisensory reading program. In the 6 months we have been seeing Mrs. Tessitore, Katie is now reading on grade level and scores the highest in her spelling group and is writing cursive ahead of her peers. She has better grades in all other subjects as well because of her improved reading skills. The 3in1 approach targeting reading, writing and spelling is really working for her! Also, my daughter likes going to Ms. Laurel's because she is kind, patient and positive. We are so grateful to have found her."
-Marianne G, Seminole, FL

"I have been a homeschool mom now for two years. I didn't realize that my son (who is now in 6th grade) had spelling issues when he was in the public school system because he could memorize his weekly spelling words and ace his tests. However, since I've been homeschooling, I noticed that when he would go to use his spelling words at another time he wouldn't spell them correctly. Now, since he has been learning the Spaulding method with Laurel, his spelling and writing has improved dramatically. He enjoys going to Laurel's class. She is very kind and patient and has a heart for teaching children. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to have their child succeed and have confidence when spelling, writing and reading."
-Lori G., Seminole, FL.

"We have be fortunate to be under the tutoring of Ms. Laurel for the last 2 school years. All 4 of my children had issues with Spelling and my youngest child struggled also with reading. The Spalding program that she uses has been truly amazing in helping them and giving them the tools they need to succeed with reading, spelling and writing!! This is a wonderful program that helps all different styles of learners. After one half of a school year with Ms. Laurel, we had my youngest daughter tested and she tested 3 grades higher than the previous year in reading and spelling.

Ms. Laurel is patient and kind and she has the ability to make your child feel successful from the very beginning. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their child's's reading, writing and spelling skills!!"
-Pam C.
Homeschool Mom

"My son Jesse struggled with phonics from early on. When he was in preschool the teacher told me they were going to hold him back because he could not read. I pulled him out of school and thought maybe one on one I could help him. so I started homeschooling. A few years went by. After I had tried everything I could not help Jesse to master reading. I had almost given up when Laurel came into our lives. Mrs. Laurel has been a blessing to my family for almost 2 years. She explained what Spalding was about. I was ready to try anything. After just a few months with Mrs. Laurel Jesse started reading with more confidence. there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Jesse is now almost 2 years into it, he absolutely loves Mrs. Laurel and what she has done for him. He is no longer embarrassed when he reads or spells. He has improved dramatically with his reading, spelling and penmanship. We were 6 months into it when my other son Jared, was tested. I had been so worried and consumed by Jesse's struggles with phonics, I did not realize my older son, who loved to read, and never seemed to have a problem with phonics, did not pas a state spelling test. I talked to Laurel about it and Jared started doing Spalding. He did Spalding for 6 months and has improved tremendously in his spelling. I have no doubt in my mind that my kids future is brighter now because of Spalding and Mrs. Laurel.  

-Jackie F.

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